"La Curta" passage

Connection to the center of Ortisei

La Curta SecedaIn the year 2000 a new pedestrian passage was opened in Ortisei. It connects the village centre (Piazza S. Antonio) with the valley station of the Seceda ski area, which is the starting point for many walks and hikes. The escalators have become very popular with our clients and are used by more than 1,000,000 people (residents and non-residents) every year.

fotoThe tunnel itself is open 24 hours a day, but the escalators are turned off during the night.

The La Curta-Seceda passage is the first construction of this type and these dimensions in the entire Alps.

It consists of 6 escalators (3 upwards and 3 downwards) and 4 covered moving walkways in a tunnel (2 upwards and 2 downwards).

  • Total elevation difference: 59 m
  • Total length: 295 m

fotoThanks to the La Curta-Seceda passage it has been possible to reduce local traffic considerably; furthermore an important step has been made towards the realisation of the Gherdëina Ronda, the connection of all ski areas in the valley.

Come to Ortisei and try this new and comfortable pedestrian transport system.

La Curta Seceda

Bar Après Seceda

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